Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sigmax brushes

So I'm a bit of a fan of Sigma brushes. I find them to be a cheaper alternative to Mac brushes but just as good quality. So when Sigma launched their new Sigmax range of synthetic brushes I was keen to try them out. I like brushes that are dense to buff products into my skin as they give more of an airbrushed finish. 

I purchased all of the above brushes as part of a set as they were slightly cheaper than buying them all separately. I got them from the Sigma website in the US and for these three brushes including shipping to the UK, it wasn't too expensive at all (can't remember how much, but they are still on the Sigma website.) 

The F80 is the flat top kabuki (top of the picture) that I use to buff in my foundation. This provides a flawless finish and is fairly dense to allow the product to sit on top of the brush, thus wasting less product. 

The F82 is the round top kabuki (second in picture). It can be used for many purposes but I use it for buffing in powder, to set my foundation or for cream blushers. This one is the most densely packed of the three and I imagine it would be great with mineral foundation.

The angled top kabuki is the F84. this is a great contour brush and I use it with bronzers and cream bronzer products. 

If I was to only have one of these brushes it would be the F80. I love how it blends my foundation and is sooooo soft! It could also be used as a chisel brush to contour as it has a flat top edge to it. All of these brushes are so soft and are great quality. I have had no problems with shedding and they wash well. I am pleased to have all of them in my ever growing collection. Has anyone tried any of these brushes?


  1. ooooo im liking the sound of the F84 :-) I need a new contouring brush! Thankyou! <3

  2. yeah its a great one :o) x

  3. i love my round top sythentic kabuki! i did a post on the brushes i bought from sigma a little while back :) xx

  4. these brushes look amazing. Im really interested in the flat top one.

  5. I really want then flat top kabuki, I've heard so many good things!
    Great review.
    Marie x

  6. I hadn't even heard of the Sigmax brushes... Where have i been hiding?? :O

    Nice review, must try these as really don't enjoy spending too much on MAC brushes. :)

    Your latest follower, Lauren x