Sunday, 6 June 2010

Clarins Hydraquench serum

I used to work for Clarins when I lived in London and having not used any of their products previous to working for them I now have quite a few in my collection. Most of them I didn't purchase myself as we were allocated a certain amount of products every 2 months therefore I chose them from all of the products available. One of the products I will miss obtaining for free is the Hydraquench serum.

This is used underneath moisturiser to add water content, not oil to the skin, therefore can be used on all dehydrated skins from dry to oily skins. I like to use this in the summer if I have been out in the sun and in the winter to add hydration as the cold air and heaters zap all of my skins hydration. It sinks so easily into my skin and makes it feel more comfortable and less tight. This a product that I would purchase with my own money once I have run out of my little stash, which unfortunately is depleting rapidly - bad times.



  1. I used that when I was on Roaccutane and I had seriously dry skin. It was such a lifesaver!

    Ellie x

  2. Oooh yes, this would be perfect for that! x

  3. Hi Gemma,

    Just found your lovely blog :) This sounds like a really nice product, can it also work as a foundation primer or is it really just a moisturiser? Thanks! x

  4. hi, its a serum that is used underneath moisturiser. It sinks straight into the sink so wont have any effect as a primer im afraid but it really hydrates the skin and preps it for makeup by hydrating x