Thursday, 3 June 2010

May Favourites

What have I been loving this month........well, a few random bits really. Carmex in the little tube has become my new best friend. I kind of liked the one in the little pot as I like the finish it gives to my lips, they always looked really smooth with it on and i like the sheen it gives. So having spotted this I had to purchase as its cherry flavoured and I prefer lip balms in a tube as its much less messy. So I'm loving that at the mo.

Coralista Blusher by Benefit was a blusher I bought a while ago as was stopped by a Benefit SA when it was first released and got suckered into her sales pitch and ended up walking away with a couple of products I didn't really need, (I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging). Anyway, I dug this out and have been swiping it over my cheeks for a corally glow (made up word I know).

Macs Fix + is another love, I find it really refreshes me and brightens my skin and is a great pick me up for hot days in the sun.

Sudocrem has always been a love of mine and is so multipurpose. I mainly use mine on blemishes and redness on my face. I love how cheap it is and how effective it is at minimising red areas and making spots less angry.

The Mac lipstick is Angel, and although only a recent purchase it is a good all round pink lip colour that says you have not tried too hard but you have made some effort with the lip area.

The pencil is a Gosh eyebrow pencil in grey brown. I have only recently decided that I should fill in the brows on the odd occasion as it makes my look seem more groomed. This baby is only used on nights out for example and is a good match to my eyebrow colour, easy to use and is pretty cheap too.



  1. i really want to try macs fix + but end up buying more of thier lipsticks i dont need when i go in instead haha! the lipstick looks gorgeous :) x

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  3. Great post - I love Fix + (it's going to be a hot day today so I have just set my makeup with it) and Angel is beautiful :D

  4. gotta love fix +, ive just used it before i did my make up and after to set it and no doubt it will be used many times today to refresh xx

  5. hey great blog, now following! sudocream is amaazing, love it. an Mac Angel is super pretty, lovely for this time of yr! x

  6. Coralista is so amazing -- it always manages to look just right :-) xx

  7. I've never had Fix + before but I'm definitely going to pick it up especially since summer is here :) I love Angel lipstick as well... great favorites!


  8. Fix + is going to be a great one for summer! x