Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mac Haul

So, I was perusing a Mac counter and obviously had to purchase.

I went for Angel lipstick as I have wanted this subtle pink for a while. I wore it out on Saturday night with a bit of carmex over the top to give a sheen and was very impressed.

As summer is coming up I wanted to add to my collection of bright lipsticks. I went for Impassioned, an amplified creme shade that is a bright fuchsia pink. I will try this baby when I have a tan and whilst on holiday as I feel it won't look so hot on my pale skin at the moment.

I also had to get well dressed blusher as I have heard so many people rave about this. I was surprised that it seems very sheer and the colour pay off is not as much as I expected, but I am pleasantly surprised as I feel it gives a nice hint of colour but can also be layered for more intensity.

Last is the Prep and Prime finishing powder. I wanted to try this as either a primer type base for makeup or as a finishing powder. I had been using MSF natural to set my foundation but I wasn't too keen as I didn't need the extra coverage (all be it very slight) and felt it didn't do much to the longevity of my foundation. I like the idea that the prep and prime is loose as I feel it is a softer finish on the skin. It claims to give a "flawless finish", and as that is what I'm after, I thought I would give it a whirl. We shall see how I get on with that as I haven't played around with it that much.

Does anyone else have any of these products?



  1. I love well dressed blush, as it's not too heavy and looks really natural.
    Impassioned looks so pretty! xx

  2. yeah i think i made a good choice with well dressed, always seemed to look over it in the past but glad I got it now. Impassioned is pretty bright but think it will be a great statement summer colour x

  3. Well Dressed is beautiful, you won't be disaponited! I love Speed Dial as a bright summer lip, i'll have to check out Impassioned next time im in MAC it looks beautiful!

  4. Well Dressed,Angel,Prep & Prime powder = Love. Great haul hun! :)
    Tonia xx

  5. oooh i looked at speed dial, I think thats another one to add to my list! x

  6. I'm going to have to go pick up that lipstick, "Angel," it's a gorgeous color for summer!

  7. I cam across Impassioned the other day @ MAC and totally fell in love with it! BUT i was too scared to try it out... you'll have to do a post of on it - i'd love to see how it looks xx

  8. Yeah it is pretty bright, I shall do a post on it when I wear it for you to have a look x