Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lush Ocean Salt scrub

I like a good old scrub now and again and my choice of exfoliator is usually one that is pretty grainy or has big granules. At the moment I'm loving Lush's Ocean Salt scrub. It can be used on your face and body, but as I have so many other body exfoliators that I prefer (with essential oils in), I only use this on my face. At first it did sting my face, perhaps that was the lime, grapefruit and vodka, but after a couple of uses I had no issue with the stinging (it was only minor in the first place.) The scrub is very rough in texture and the sea salt provides the granules, some fairly chunky, others more finely milled. At first you need to mix the scrub as the salt settles on the top.

Sometimes I like to mix this with another favourite exfoliator of mine, the Liz Earle Gentle face exfoliator to make the consistency more creamy, however I have used it alone for a more intense scrub. The tub is available in two different sizes but I thought I would try the smaller one to see if it agreed with my skin. Overall, I will be repurchasing this when it runs out as I like the grains in the exfoliator. I also like the fresh feeling it leaves my skin.


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