Sunday, 9 May 2010

I went shopping and I bought.....

As I'm going on holiday next month I thought I'd stock up on a few holiday bits and bobs. I picked up my favourite after sun from Marks and Spencer, and I love it purely because of the smell. I've used it on most of my holidays and the smell reminds me of good times on holiday, so its become a favourite body moisturiser of mine. It also helps to prolong my tan and is really hydrating. It was also buy one get one free on all sun care and after sun so it was a bit of a bargain really.

As a bit of an impulse purchase I bought some mini haircare products for when in the sun. As my hair is highlighted with bleach, I'm paranoid that the sun will strip the colour and the chlorine in the pool will tint it green, not a good look on holiday really. So raiding the shelves in Boots, I came across the Mark Hill Holiday Hair range. I got the shampoo and conditioner that claim to remove any salt and chlorine from the hair, moisturise and protect from UV rays. I also grabbed a Charles Worthington UV protection styling spray for more protection. As they were a bit of an impulse purchase I may still research on the Internet for a different alternative that has been highly rated but I'm sure they will probably do the trick.

I also picked up the Elemis Tan Accelerator to use a couple of weeks before I go away, as it claims to prepare your skin for the sun and promote a richer longer lasting tan. I used a Decleor one last year so we will have to see how this compares.

I also went to see what the Topshop makeup range was all about and picked up the cream blusher in the colour flush. I like it, its not amazing but I think it will be nice in summer with a tan. I got some more face wipes from the Garnier range, the dry sensitive ones for my holiday as they will be more moisturising than the ones for combination skin, they were but two for £4. I got two lots of eyelashes for those eyelash emergencies, some cotton wool pads, that I go through like crazy and a small bottle of the body shop honey conditioner to try before buying the larger size if I like it. I love the smell, its so sweet, so its already a bit of a winner with me!



  1. You should do a review on the Elemis product. I have often wondered if it works but am not going on holiday this year so have no excuse to purchase! x

  2. I shall do, Im going away in just over a month so will start to use it two weeks before I go and will let you know my thoughts x