Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tangle teezer

Ok, so it looks like something you would brush a horse with or some kind of animal brush but its not. Its a great handheld brush that glides through your hair more easily and prevents breakage and detangles your maine (I mean hair :o) This brush was originally showcased on the TV programme Dragons Den and is now stocked online and in salons across the country.

I love mine, it makes brushing my hair so effortless and I can even use it when my hair is wet as it doesnt break my hair and detangles so easily. Im trying to grow my hair, even though its pretty long now. Using this brush means I eliminate any unnecessary pulling, therefore less breakage occurs and this will hopefully result in longer, healthier hair for me, woooo.



  1. i have the longest tangliest fuzzball hair! this looks great! i need to try! cute blog, im a follower! xx

  2. Thanks! It really is a good brush, I even bought one for my friend as a birthday pressie and she loves it. Helps so much with all the tangles and doesnt feel like im ripping out my hair! x

  3. This looks fab. How much do they cost?
    Great blog by the way x

  4. Thanks! They are available on the ASOS website for £9.75 x