Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The removal of the makeup

I like to remove my makeup with a different product before using my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and at the moment, my product of choice is Mac's Cleanse Off Oil. I like the smell as its quite citrus like and very clean and fresh smelling. I like the texture, even though I was very skeptical of an oil at first, but I feel that as its an oil it melts off the makeup in a way that cream cleansers or washes dont. I also like how it turns into an oil and washes clean off the face and no residue is left behind - something I personally find very important. You can also use it on your eyes, but I tend not too as im not to keen on the feel of it on my eyes but thats just me. So all I do is remove my eye makeup first with any old eye makeup remover or baby wipe and apply the oil to my made up face. I massage it in quite welland then rinse off with water. Pretty simple really. Then I dry my face and apply my Cleanse and Polish cleanser and follow with Liz Earles 3 step routine and I'm done.

Sometimes I like to switch it up and use a different make up remover and my reserve is Garnier Fresh Essentials Normal /Combination cleansing milk and to remove any residue I use the matching toner. I like the scent to these and like the name, they do leave my skin feeling fresh and probably slightly more hydrated than the Mac Cleanse off oil.


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