Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I'm just about ready for the sun

Every year I try and prepare my skin the best that I can to ensure I get the best tan possible. I looooooove to tan and love sunbathing and often use products to help me achieve the most from the sun as well as an spf of course. Last year for example, I used Declerors Tan accelerator Pre sun Care, a product for face and body that is applied about 5 days before your holiday/prolonged exposure to the sun, and it is supposed to prepare your skin so that it will tan better and burn less. In general I don't really burn, unless I really over do it. The Decleor product was ok and my tan was pretty good, but this year I was on the hunt for something better.

This year I went for the Elemis Tan accelerator (featured in another blog post) as I have heard many good things about it and I'm a bit of a fan of the brand. This one is used for 1-2 weeks before exposure to the sun and is mainly for the body, or so the sales assistant told me. I'm going to try and use it on my face as I don't really want an uneven tan, not a good look, and am going to try and use it for 2 weeks before I go and maybe a couple of days while I'm on holiday too if I have enough product left. I have high hopes for this product as it comes highly recommended in articles I have seen and the sales assistant told me that its always so popular in summer (not that I always believe them, but to be fair there was only one left so it must be quite popular.)

The lotion is fairly light in consistency and is a light brown colour. It contains jojoba oil, shea butter and macadamia nut oil for example, so if nothing else it sounds pretty moisturising and should hydrate my skin. It contains tyrosine which is supposedly the "amino acid naturally present in the body and is used by skin cells to form melanin". This seems to be what will boost the skin to help it tan quicker and better by preparing the skin, all very scientific but I like the sound of it.

I'm also going to use Lancaster's Tan maximiser whilst on holiday as my after sun at night. This comes recommended by my friends and my mum, and I'm not too sure why I'm yet to try it, as it seems like something I would have used before now. Anyway, this product contains "heliosome", an exclusive Lancaster complex that helps stimulate the melanin in the skin. It claims to create "a more intense, longer lasting tan, soft, supple, radiant skin that is better prepared for subsequent sun exposure" (taken from the packaging) Sounds pretty good to me.

Boy is my melanin going to be stimulated with all of these products, I expect a lovely deep golden glow! I will comment again on the results after my holiday in a few weeks time, during which time I'm also going to try out the Rodial Tummy Tuck sticks in an attempt to appear more streamlined in the stomach area, well I can live in hope on that one....



  1. I have got the Elemis one and thought it might of been off with the colour being like that lol, I was expecting it to be white :)

  2. yeah i thought it was a bit of a weird colour but the sales assistant said its supposed to be like that. I dont mind what colour it is as long as it works :o) x

  3. Yeah I know, well I have been using it and a coupole of people of asked where I have been because of my tan lol. I was like in the garden :)

  4. Ooh well it sounds like it worked. Im starting to use mine on monday so hope all goes well! x