Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I like this product a lot. It helps with those pesky spots and with any hormonal or stressed out skin, and sometimes my skin does feel stress yes. This is the Elemis SOS Emergency Cream. It comes in a 50ml pump and I believe is about £48.Yes, it is expensive but a little goes a long way.

It is supposed to be a treatment moisturiser that can be used daily to all or any part of your face. I only really use this at times of need, for example when I get a spot or my skin looks like it needs some extra help, an I use it at night as it seems a little sticky. I like the scent as it is calming and relaxing, which is probably due to the lavender it contains.

I have had this pump for well over 6 months and I still have a fair amount left. I really think it helps my skin restore and balance itself and helps reduce the size and appearance of any blemishes. I got this product after I had an Elemis facial as it was recommended to me for my hormonal skin. I tend to only get spots due to hormones and they are mainly in the chin area. I have also tried many of the other Elemis products in the past but this one is a firm favourite as I have not really found anything else on the market for this purpose and this effecitve.


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