Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The perfect base

By this, I mean foundation or tinted moisturiser. Currently my two favourites are Nars Sheer Glow and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisteriser Oil free.

First with the Nars. A lot of people have raved about this product and I have to say, I agree with them. Its a fluid consistency that claims to "even skintone and leave the skin more brighter and radiant". It certainly does leave my skin with a smoother looking texture and I like the coverage it gives, not heavy at all with only a tiny amount of product. It blends well into the skin due to its light formula and looks natural on the skin. It lasts most of the day. However a few powder touch ups are needed here and there. I dont use a primer, but I am interested to see if the Nars primer would increase the staying power of the sheer glow (perhaps another product to add to my wish list.) Overall, a good product, and at the moment its my holy grail foundation. The name is slightly misleading though, as it is neither sheer (its a medium coverage) or particularly glowy, but I can use highlighters for that.

On to the Laura Mercier. This is a tinted moisturiser with an spf 20 and I use the oil free one. For days when I feel I need extra moisture or more of a glow (after a night out is a prime example) I just apply this with some concealer and im good to go. I like that this leaves my skin with a glowy sheen and feels lightweight (as its only a tinted moisturiser.) It controls oil breakthrough, being oil free, and adds a slight amount of moisture at the same time. However, when wearing this I still use my normal moisturiser as I feel its not hydrating me enough for a moisturiser. I think this product wll be great in the summer as with a tan I need even less coverage and the moisture and spf will be an added bonus.


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